What should be prepared, so that we could immediately build and connect a modular house?

It requires electrical input, water and sewage connections.
The foundations are adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

Do you perform communication connections? If so, how much does it cost?

Our project and proposal provide for the connection of electricity, water, and sewage. We prepare them for your home in the factory and it does not cost extra.
We do not connect to local networks, but local plumbers can handle this task. Meanwhile, the electrical input must be connected by a certified specialist.

Can a modular house be registered at the Centre of registers and can you receive an address for such a house?

Of course, you can! We will provide you with any technical documentation you may need.

Is a modular house sufficiently resistant to all weather conditions?

Definitely it is. The construction of the mobile house has been calculated considering the same snow and wind loads as all other houses. The construction of such houses is additionally reinforced in order to be able to move it while in an assembled mode, which is not needed for a regular house.

Are interior projects standardised? Is it possible to personalise them?

Each module has several typical layouts and each layout has several colour solutions. If none of them are suitable and/or to your liking, you can always choose additional colours from the catalogues provided by us. When choosing standardised solutions, the price and production term are clear, and when you choose individual ones, the price and terms are coordinated separately.

Can I choose wall colours?

Yes, several colours are available.

Are floors made only of one type of wood?

The floors are made of wooden floorboards or PVC parquet boards, there are 8 colours offered.

We have a land plot and foundation. Is it possible to adapt a modular house to them?

The house can always be adapted to the plot! Provided that the plot is not smaller than the house😆Depending on the dimensions of the foundation and the flatness, it will be necessary to specifically decide which house is the most suitable. Send us the exact data so we can consult for you for free !

Is it possible to change the exterior finishing colours/materials?

Material manufacturers cannot be changed because we firmly believe that we have responsibly and properly selected those who can ensure the best value for money. For example: Ruuki roofing is provided with a 50-year manufacturer’s guarantee and we have repeatedly been convinced of its quality.
Other colours are available from the manufacturer’s standard palette.

Is this the only roof option?

Yes, this is the best roof solution at a standard price. If you still want a different roofing, we will be able to additionally match the copper roofing solution.

Can window frames be changed?

A typical Komerling window solution is optimal for this type of house, so we do not recommend changing them. However, there is a choice of several colour solutions and this is included in the price.
Individual colour solutions are always available at an additional cost.

Does this type of house have heating?

Yes, it comes with electric heaters with sufficient capacity even in winter.

Do you also take care of the plumbing and the installation of the entire bathroom?

Yes, the price includes a fully equipped bathroom with a shower wall and GEBERIT WC installation.

For how many years do you provide a guarantee? What works and materials?

We, as manufacturers, provide statutory guarantees: 5 years for visible works and 10 years for hidden works. All appliances, windows, plumbing equipment are guaranteed directly by the manufacturers.

Do you work all over Lithuania and abroad?

Yes, we work all over Lithuania and abroad.

Are shipping costs included in the price?

Yes, the transportation price is calculated throughout Lithuania, except for Neringa. When performing works in that part of Lithuania, the price must be agreed by a separate agreement.
Transportation costs abroad are coordinated separately.

Is it possible to engage in wholesale?

Yes, we are open to serious proposals.