How did our project idea come about?

With years of experience in the construction business, we have used best examples and practices to create projects that save you endless amounts of time and don’t hassle you with all the inconveniences of construction, most of which are feared by the majority of people. We offer extremely stylish, Scandinavian-style modular houses that can be built on your land plot in an extremely short time and become your special oasis of peace and relaxation.

In order to meet the needs of busy customers, we have come up with a high-quality modular house, built of durable building materials that will be able to serve for many years, during all seasons. And most importantly, it will take no more than 6-8 weeks from your initial request to the realisation of your dream!

UAB „Inovatyvi statyba“ employees have more than 20 years of experience in the field of construction. The company permanently employs over 20 highly qualified construction specialists.

The company specialises in the installation of ventilated facade and roof structures, designs wooden structures according to MiTek technology, manufactures wooden structures and constructs wooden structure buildings.

Our acquired specialisation and competence allow us to offer clients the most optimal price-quality ratio for each project.

We also carry out and complete the following:

  • We design wooden constructions
  • We produce truss constructions – MiTek technology
  • We build houses
  • We cover roofs
  • We install facades